Jailbreak getting new Lambo model & steering animations

Jailbreak is getting a brand new model for the popular Lamborghini, and there's going to be some new animations added to the game.

Roblox’s Jailbreak is getting a couple of new updates that are welcome additions to the game. The first one is a brand new Lamborghini model for your Lambo owners out there. It is a complete remodel of the car, which is a huge improvement of the previous one. It will feature interior and an accurate exterior. The best part of this, however, is the fact that the upgrade is free! You won’t have to pay additional money for the new model, so don’t worry if you already own this vehicle!

If you’re curious what the new model looks like, then you can check out in the Badimo tweet below.

The second addition to Jailbreak is some new in-car animation. When you’re driving the car, you will now see your hands moving on the steering wheel when you are turning left and right. This will also be the case for people outside of your car and your passengers! This will bring some more realism to the game, and make it a bit more fun when you’re driving around.

Those are all of the updates that were announced for Jailbreak in the near future! We’re looking forward to the next big patch for the game, and there’s likely going to be even more stuff that wasn’t announced yet.

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