Roblox Nerf themed guns available soon!

Roblox has partnered with Hasbro's Nerf to bring multiple Roblox game themed Nerf guns to stores in the near future!

Roblox is continuing to expand the brand further into the reaches of pop culture and merchandise! They are now collaborating with Hasbro’s Nerf brand to bring Roblox game themed guns to players. This group of weaponry span multiple popular games from Roblox, including Adopt Me, Jailbreak, Arsenal, Murder Mystery 2, Phantom Forces, Strucid, and Mad City!

The various Nerf guns that you can purchase will range between $10 – $40USD depending on the size of the gun. The Arsenal Pulse Blaster, which is battery powered, is the most expensive, where the smaller “Microshots” are cheaper.

It’s unclear when these will be available exactly, but you will likely see them in-stores and purchasable online in the near future.

Adopt Me! – Bees!

Murder Mystery 2 – Shark Seeker

Jailbreak – Armory

Arsenal – Pulse Laser

Phantom Forces – Boxy Buster

Strucid – Boom Strike

Madcity – Plasma Ray

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